The Day A Tree Is Planted, Is The Day To WhiteWash With IV Organic

September 21, 2020

The Day A Tree Is Planted, Is The Day To WhiteWash With IV Organic® The value of white washing has been known since BC -times! Lightening your new plantings, and summer pruned trees, as contractors do to wood floors and bricks, to prevent damage caused by weather extremes. Unfortunately, in modern times, gardeners have been resorting to the use of latex and tar-based products which are designed to last about a hundred years, but fall off your plants within 1-2 years as your plants grow contaminating your organic soil, indefinitely.

IV Organic gives organic gardeners & organic orchards an ORGANIC & HEALTHIER alternative. Also, unlike latex & tar-based products, IV Organic dries on porous allowing moisture and nutrients to pass so that coated surfaces, such as grafting wounds and pruned branches, WILL NOT rot. IV Organic was founded on the gardening concept of “whitewashing” and offer a product that is almost as long-lasting as synthetic paints, in an organic formulation that offers protection from summer sunburn, winter sunscald, PLUS the added benefits of repelling insects & girdling rodents!!! Such a valuable gardening practice, that farmers have been ‘doing it’ since BC-Times.

Protect the ‘heart of the tree,’ trunk & lower branches, and even apply as a foliar spray for complete plant protection & reduce transplant shock.

Available in color white, or more natural-looking colors brown & green. White naturally reflects the most amount of heat, but all colors offer protection to unprotected surfaces from the elements.

IV Organic has 2 general categories of “WhiteWash” Products: “3-in-1 Plant Guard” which includes 7 natural oils (which offer insect & rodent repellent protection) AND the “WhiteWash” oil-FREE formula. Both products offer protection from Summer Sunburn & Winter Sunscald– and can be used as a Tree Paste, Brush-On or Foliar Spray (for total plant protection, including leaves & stems), depending on the amount of water added to the product. BOTH products also have Diatomaceous Earth in the base ingredients which naturally offers some insect repellent protection, too!