Trio Gift Box – Blue Label

$74.85 $65.95

Trio Gift Box (Blue Label) Includes:

White-Wash Plant Guard – White (1 pint)
6 Macros Plus+ Premium Blend Fertilizer (11.8 oz)
3-in-1 Plant Ready-To-Use Spray (23 oz)


Note: No International Shipping on Gift Boxes.

IV Organic White-Wash for trees and shrubs, (such as Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Roses & Shrubs) are non-toxic, environmentally safe & organic products. White-Wash is an oil-free option, with the added benefits of garlic and cinnamon, with the primary function of protecting your prized plants from summer sunburn & winter sunscald. Available in colors white, brown & green.

Sun Screen For Your Fruit Trees, Roses And Shrubs
Protection From Summer Sunburn & Winter Sunscald
New & Improved Patented Formula
Organic, Non-Toxic & Environmentally Safer


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