White Wash Plant Guard Spray


Color: White

Total Volume of Spray Bottle: 23oz


Note: We currently do not ship Ready-To-Use WhiteWash Plant Guard Spray Bottles internationally.

IV Organic® White Wash Plant Guard Ready-To-Use Spray protects your plants from damaging sunburn and transplant shock. Used by home gardeners and orchard growers to protect tree trunks, branches and leaves from sunburn (summer), sunscald (winter) and transplant shock. This product is for use in organic production and healthier than latex & tar based products. Protect newly planted plants and trees that are especially susceptible to excess sunlight & damage caused by transplant shock. Coat all exposed leaves, branches and trunks to prevent sun stress and sunburn, especially at times of extreme heat.

  • Protect plants from sun stress, plus transplant shock stress.
  • Use on roses, fruit & nut trees, ornamental trees & shrubs.
  • Spray leaves, branches and trunks at time of plantings.
  • Protect new tender growth in advance of weather extremes.

White Wash Plant Guard Ready-To-Use Spray Zoom-Capable PDF Labels

White Wash Plant Guard Ready-To-Use Spray PDF Label – Click Here


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