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ONE OF A KIND! …Pure Excellence!
Great product, so grateful for what Charles Malki is trying to do in the world, great to know there are people out there striving & achieving excellence on a daily basis. I’ve learned so much from this guy! This product is the only one of its kind and is exactly what he says it is and does exactly what he says it does. – Arran Greenleaf

Great Organic Product
Great product – only mix what you need – keep the rest in the fridge. Easy. Smells wonderful and works to protect our peach and cherry trees from bugs and mold. – Meagan Ormand

Sun Protection For Trees
Painted lemon tree which had bark peeling off from sunburn. Liked it so much I bought 2 more. – Maria R.

Saved My Fall Bulbs From Critters
I read about this product on a blog. I planted tons of Fall bulbs and a week later they were eaten by critters. I replanted the bulbs and dipped them in this paint before planting. I used a one-gallon plastic bag to coat the bulbs in by shaking before planting. It’s been over a month and no critters have eaten my bulbs. I am very happy with this product and will use it each year before I put my bulbs in the ground. – Internet Shopper

Very Effective Product
We have used this for two seasons on our young fruit trees in our family orchard in North Georgia. I love the color as opposed to the white. The paint has been effective at reducing instances of sunburn and so far, we’ve avoided borers. I like that the essential oils and paint are a deterrent. A much better choice to me than painting my trees with toxic white wash or latex paints. I recommend this product. – Leslie Wade

Really Does Help
I love this product and so do the leaves in my tree. They’re doing very well and I believe it’s because of the product. I’ve planted young fruit trees before, and none have made it but with this product, my little tree is growing taller. – ThebusyMom

This liquid works great. I have had no critters eating my fruit. A big difference from what used to visit, possums, coons, skunks, and squirrels. Especially helped also in protecting my trees from sunburn where temps have reached 110 deg. – Marie W.

Really Good Product
I really loved this product. The plant guard has kept the rodents off the tree bark and has protected my trees from sunscald. IV Organic really is a good product, and I would recommend and buy it again and again. – Erika Rodriguez

Organic Matters
Searched for expertise on trimming a lemon tree. IV Organics has an excellent YouTube demo. I used notes to watch the nursery person who did the trimming. Avoid him using common household latex white paint to protect the bark. No nursery, Home Depot etc carried anything but inexpensive latex paint. Ordered this IV Organics product and it seems to do well. – Jim

Works For My Plant
I almost lost my citrus plant to sun and wind exposure. This product helps me to save it. I did not use it all, just made a small cup of the paint to cover my plant. Also sprayed the whole plant with a thinner solution. Now I see new leaves. Will continue using it and observe any changes with my plant. – Anastasya Uskov

High Expectations
I received this item late last week. From all the positive reviews and Youtube videos, I have high expectations for this item. I’m in Phoenix where last year reached 120 degrees. I applied this product to all my citrus and fruit trees by painting the rootstock all the way up to the first leaves and sprayed the leaves themselves. All the trees are young, so I know they can use the help. Initial thoughts of the product. The mixing was easy, it smells great from all the natural oils. I’m pleased so far. – IX XIII

Good stuff!
Used on 4 small trees and still have half can. Works well. One tree was dying due to sun burn, applied IV Organics, and boom 2wks later growing even better. Completely happy with the purchase. – Ralph

Good one
Finally I was able to stop animals from eating on the bark of my plants. S. Antony

Seems to work for aphids
I had trouble with green aphids on our apple tree. After knocking them off and applying this each time the aphids would only return to new growth I hadn’t treated yet. Either they only suck on new growth or this stuff works. I also applied to trunk for sun protection. If anything the white color and smell are nice. – Nebin

Goes a long way
Used 1/2 a can to paint the trunks on 9 newly planted fruit trees to protect them from sunburn. Smells good, mixes easily, seems like a good value. – Victoria

Phenomenal Product, A Must Have
This is an amazing product. I had to buy more so I can start off the spring season the right way. This fert has all the macro and micro nutrients and beneficial needed for healthy plants. Last summer I saw tremendous growth on the fig, blueberries, and roses that I used it on versus some I didn’t. They out performed the ones I used other organic ferts on. I would give this more stars if I could. I would recommend this product over others. You get what you pay for. – Stacy

Great Company With Great Products!
I absolutely love the products from IV Organics. They also have a very helpful YouTube channel that has a ton of great content. – Jeffrey Goering

Made My Trees Super Green
Worked great with my fruit trees. Huge nectarines coming out great. I wanted something organic with all the nutrients and found this on a YouTube video. I placed an order on amazon along with the IV Organic paint. – Luis Villarreal

My Trees Loves It
I live in the hot California desert; I have a fig tree that has been struggling to give me ripened fruits, ever since I bought it at home depot and planted it at least five years ago. As soon as my IV Organics arrived, I painted it, and I could see immediate results. My tree finally gained strength and started growing strong and fast; it went from being a sad, four feet tall, to now, a bustling six feet tall. This hot summer even brought us several sweet and delicious honey figs. Definitely worth every dollar. My fig tree loves it. – Healthseeker

Great product! Fertilizer and Spray are Super Effective.
If you are an organic grower like me there are not too many products out there that can give satisfactory potassium and phosphorus levels for your banana plants. This is a one-stop shop great product. Which I highly recommend for organic produce growers. Watch their YouTube videos and follow all the recommended instructions. – Rajan Santhanam

Plant Saver!!
I purchased this a little while ago but I wanted to try it first. So far, so good. The spray has protected my banana leaves from the harsh sun as well as my lemon and lime trees which are young. It has also helped protect the new growth from some pests. I am new to gardening and happy to have found out about these products. – Mitzi

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