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New Era Organic Products For All Plants & Trees

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IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard and White-Wash for trees and shrubs, such as Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Roses & Shrubs are non-toxic, environmentally safe & organic products. 3-in-1 contains 7 natural oils that effectively protects plants from sunburn, insects & rodents. White-Wash is an oil-free option, with the added benefits of garlic and cinnamon, with the primary function of protecting your prized plants from summer sunburn & winter sunscald. Available in colors white, brown & green.  IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard, White, is now OMRI Certified For Organic Use; colors brown & green are pending.

6 Macros Plus+ Fertilizers (Super & Premium Blends) provides plants & trees ALL six (6) MacroNutrients & many MicroNutrients, in addition to containing beneficial microbes & mycorrhizae to improve soil biology!  Soil, Foliar Feed, Nutritional Spray & Compost Tea Instructions, see back label.

Why paint your trees?

Finally, an all organic, non-destructive, cost-effective solution for your trees!

Product  Overview

IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard for trees and shrubs, (such as Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Roses & Shrubs). Every home gardener and orchard grower should be applying IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard to their tree trunks and branches.

Application & Storage

For best results, only mix as much as you intend to apply. If a 1/2 can of paint is all you need, then reduce the following directions by 50%.

Detailed Overview

V Organic 3-in-1 Tree Guard Paint for trees and shrubs, (such as Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Roses & Shrubs), AND why every home gardener and orchard grower should be applying IV Organic 3-in-1 Tree Guard Paint to their tree trunks and branches.

IVO Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, take our customers.

We live in Los Angeles and purchased this product for our citrus trees that were having a hard time in the current drought.

After one use, our trees look much happier and I haven’t seen any sign of damage.

We loved it so much we put it on our plumeria too, which couldn’t be happier!

Would highly recommend if sun or bugs are stressing out your trees!

S. Melin

Am so glad I had IV Organic because I know the tender trunks of these three trees will not get sunburnt inside the sliding glass doors (to our deck this winter)!

Sis says she’s never seen any of my citrus look as good as now!!!

Again, you’ve brought the excitement AND SUCCESS back into my pursuing of a mini citrus grover here in Canton, Illinois.

A. Willcoxen

Great to finally have an organic sun block for my tree that was getting sun burned after taller trees which were providing shade were removed.

N. Norwick, Your Content Goes Here

I planted tons of Fall bulbs and a week later they were eaten by critters! Subsequently, I replanted the bulbs, coating them first with IV Organics Plant Guard. It’s been over a month and no critters have eaten my bulbs! Ia am very happy with this product and will use it each year before I put my bulbs in the ground.

AmazonGardener, Your Content Goes Here

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Multiple colors and sizes available.

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