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IV Organic® 3-in-1 Plant Guard: Tree Paste, Brush-On & Foliar Spray


“Got this larger package after using the 11 oz. package. Same applies! I have been using IV Organics products for the past year. The results are truly amazing. The 3 in 1 Plant Guard has saved my young Avocado trees from the intense Florida sun. The 6 Macros Fertilizer contains every ingredient a citrus plant needs to stay healthy and grow! Additionally, when a question arises, their Customer Service is spot on with help! I have no connection to the manufacturer. Love IV Organics and hope you will too!!”

– TonyDMLB

“This is an amazing product. I had to buy more so I can start off the spring season the right way. This fert has all the macro and micro nutrients and beneficial fungus needed for healthy plants. Last summer I saw tremendous growth on the fig, blueberries, and roses that I used it on versus some I didn’t. They out performed the ones I used other organic fert’s on. I would give this more stars if I could. I would recommend this product over others. You get what you pay for.”

– Stacy