3-in-1 Plant Guard Spray 2-Pack


3-in-1 Plant Guard Spray, 2-Pack
Volume of Each Spray Bottle: 23oz (46oz Total)

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Note: We currently do not ship Ready-To-Use 3-in-1 Plant Guard Spray Bottles internationally.

The Only Organic & Effective Time Release Plant Guard Defense With 7 Natural Oils! IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard Spray Bottle is an organic, non-toxic, environmentally safe product. SUNBURN * SUNSCALD * INSECTS * RODENTS * AND MORE! PROTECT NEWLY INSTALLED PLANTS & TREES. SHIELDS PRUNED & DAMAGED SURFACES. The Only Organic & Effective Time Release Plant Guard Defense With 7 Natural Oils! IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard for trees and shrubs. Used by home gardeners and orchard growers to protect tree trunks, branches and leaves from sunburn (summer), sunscald (winter), repel insects and rodents. This product is non-toxic, environmentally safe & organic. Protect newly installed plants and trees that are especially susceptible to excess sunlight & damage caused by insects. Coat all exposed leaves, branches and trunks to prevent sun stress and sunburn, especially at times of extreme heat.

FIRST DEFENSE: Provides a shield against the suns harmful rays that cause sunburn during the hottest summers days– as well as sunscald which is caused when the temperature abruptly rises too high during the cold winter months. Both Sunburn and Sunscald cause the tree’s bark to crack and/ or die– resulting in additional stress which get compounded by insects and parasites that enter the barkless wood.

SECOND DEFENSE: Provides a shield against beetles, termites and other wood boring insects. This product contains 7 natural oils that are time released over several months offering your coated plants protection from hundreds of types of insects that are repelled by the scents of garlic, rosemary, peppermint, cedarwood, clove, cinnimon and castor.

THIRD DEFENSE: Provides a shield against rodents; such as rats, moles, voles, gophers and rabbits that may gnaw on the tree’s bark. This product contains castor oil, which comes from the Castor Tree Seed, and naturally makes everything coated with this product taste horrible! This product when applied to your prized trees should repel most rodents.


  • Protect plants from sun stress, plus protection from insects & rodents.
  • Ideal foliar spray on your newly installed vegetables, flowers and trees.
  • Spray leaves, branches and trunks in advance of heatwaves. And so much more!

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