10 Tips For In-Ground Fruit Tree Plantings — Wonderful Pomegranate

June 7, 2016

Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from https://ivorganics.com/ shares (at least) 10 Tips For In Ground Fruit Tree Plantings. The principle used on this Wonderful Pomegranate tree applies to most fruit and non-fruit tree plantings.

Here is a summary of some of the tips discussed in this video:

1. Start with a grafted tree or cutting –preferred over a seedling!

2. Dig hole 2x wider and the same depth as pot.

3. Brush IV Organic on trunk and exposed branches. Spray dilute IV Organics on leaves to minimize dehydration/ desiccation.

4. Mulch the top soil with wood chips.

6. Stake the tree loosely.

7. Pest Control with Neem & Spinosad based products, only if necessary.

8. Water initially 2-3 times the first first week & through the first summer. Then water deep 1x per week.

9. Remove and undesired growth or suckers.

10. Feed you trees 3x each year: Spring Summer & Fall.