How (& WHY) To Foliar Feed Your Plants & Trees | 6 Macros Fertilizer

January 3, 2020

Learn How, Why & When To Foliar Feed Your Plants & Trees to maximize blooms & fruit yields. Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert for explains the benefits of foliar feeding for optimal plant health & performance using the IV Organic 6 Macros All Purpose Fertilizers, Super & Premium Blends. Bonus ending harvesting Meyer Lemons & preparing them for storage for year-round available lemon juice! #IVOrganic #FoliarSpray #6MacrosFertilizer

IV Organic products can be found in 100+ stores nation-wide. Contact your local nursery to find out if they stock our product. If not, please ask the manager of your local nursery to call or e-mail us directly; contact (e-mail and toll-free phone) can be found at

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