Ice Cream Banana Plant | Transplanting Sucker “Pups” | IV Organic Sunblock Spray

May 31, 2016

Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from (1) shares a nearly full grown Ice Cream Banana Plant; (2) how to carefully remove banana suckers a/k/a pups; (3) transplanting banana plants with IV Organic 3-in-1 Tree Guard paint to make a dilute sunblock to prevent the transplant from drying as the roots get established; and so much more!

This video was made in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 10(b) where the “average annual extreme temperature” between 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Most bananas can grow and fruit in growing Zone 8b or greater; where the average annual extreme temperature does not go below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here is a link that where I discuss USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map:…

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