How To Grow Citrus In Containers | WhiteWashing (How & Why) | Lesson 2 of 4

November 18, 2020

Growing Citrus In Containers Facebook:… Citrus Care Article by, Al Willcoxen:… Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert @ teaches in this Part 2 of 4 lesson, how & why to whitewash your container citrus. These lessons can be applied to any other variety of plants. In this lesson, we use the IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard, Ready To Use Spray for total plant protection including leaves, stems & trunk from weather extremes and pest repellent. In addition to using the product as a brush-on application for thicker and longer lasting protection. Upcoming Citrus In Containers Care tips will include foliar feeding, pest control and rejuvenating topsoil for optimal performance between up potting your trees. Be sure to like, subscribe & push the bell notification to stay connected to all future publications! Subscribing is FREE!!! #IVOrganic #Citrus #WhiteWashingTrees

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