Tour Of Bay Area Fruit Trees – Walnut Creek, CA | Growing Zone 9B | 10 Years After Planting

June 15, 2016

Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from provides a tour of a fruit orchard planted approximately 10 years ago in Walnut Creek, California — A “Bay Area” City with a USDA Growing Zone 9B. Generally, the higher your growing zone number, the greater the diversity of plants that you can grow. In this video you will see the many fruit trees that have performed consistently well in the backyard orchard of this Walnut Creek resident.

In this video, Charles Malki discusses (1) the diversity of fruit trees that can be grown in growing zone 9(B), (2) the importance of cross pollination for fruit trees, (3) sunburn and sunscald damaged trees, (4) how to properly stake and support a tree, (5) when and how to apply IV Organics 3-in-1 Tree Guard Paint, (6) poor pruning techniques, and much more!

Categories: Fruit Trees