How To Transplant Your Established Cuttings | Improve Potting Soil Mix

September 17, 2019

Learn how to transplant your established cuttings; and when to improve the potting soil medium. Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert for demonstrates using passion fruit cuttings from IV Organics 1st Annual Passion Fruit Cutting Give Away starting September 1st through September 30th, 2019—or while supplies last! Two (2) passion fruit cuttings included with every purchase of your 11.8oz bag of 6 Macros Plus (Super or Premium Blend) Fertilize. #PottingSoil #Cuttings #IVOrganic I

V Organic products can be found in 100+ stores nation-wide. Contact your local nursery to find out if they stock our product. If not, please ask the manager of your local nursery to call or e-mail us directly; contact (e-mail and toll-free phone) can be found at

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