• Out of Stock - Expect back in stock November 2023 Dave Wilson Nursery Pomegranates are available starting November 1st-- While Supplies Last!  Just $29.95 per tree, plus $20 flat S&H USA only. Container Size: 4″x4″x12″ Tree Size: ~ 18″-20″ Three varieties available: Parfianka, Eversweet, and Wonderful
  • SOLD OUT - In stock again May 2023 Each order includes a FREE bag of All-Purpose Premium Blend Fertilizer 11.8oz bag from our expired lot, NOTE: N-P-K-Mg-S-Ca do not expire. ~$15 value with the purchase of every 'Sunshine' Blueberry Plant
  • SOLD OUT - Back in stock April 2023 D.W.N. Blueberry Grapevine Potted Plant Includes: Dave Wilson Nursery (D.W.N.) Blueberry Grapevine Potted Plant (appx measurement w/ container: 4"x4"x35") FREE IV Organic® All Purpose Fertilizer, Premium Blend (11.8 oz) Expired Lot. NOTE: N-P-K-Mg-S-Ca Do Not Expire.


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