How To Feed Fruits & Vegetables | feat. Lino Scala YouTube

May 20, 2020

Urban Backyard Worm Farm, Lino Scala @… demos how to fertilize fruits & vegetable plants using IV Organic All Purpose Fertilizers, Super Blend & Premium Blend. IV Organic fertilizers have many uses and have ALL the MacroNutrients (N-P-K-Mg-S-Ca), plus many MicroNutrients, that plants need, making this product one of the most complete organic fertilizers on the market! Be sure to like, subscribe & push the bell notification to stay connected to all future publications! Subscribing is FREE!!! # LinoScala #UrbanBackyardWormFarm #IVOrganic

IV Organic products can be found in 100+ stores nation-wide. Contact your local nursery to find out if they stock our product. If not, please ask the manager of your local nursery to call or e-mail us directly; contact (e-mail and toll-free phone) can be found at

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