How To Grow Figs | Varieties | feat. Edgar Valdivia & Paul Talley

January 24, 2021

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Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert @ interviews special guests Edgar Valdivia & Paul Talley on Fig Growing Tips. Edgar Valdivia is known as ‘The Leading Educator & Promoter Of Dragon Fruit In The Modern Era.’ Both Valdivia & Talley are regular educators on Fig Tree Care lessons for California Rare Fruit Growing Chapters, and garden groups in S. California.
Valdivia donated hundreds of cuttings from his Yellow Long Neck Figs. Talley donated hundreds of cuttings from Figo Preto, Marseille Black VS, and Strawberry Verte. These FREE cuttings will be made available in the month of February 2021. Notice for IV Organic’s 4th Annual FREE Fig Cutting Giveaway will go out on all IV Organic social media sites on February 1st. Stay tuned!
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