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Dave Wilson Nursery Blueberries are available starting December 1st– While Supplies Last!
Just $24.95 per tree, plus $15 flat S&H USA only.
Container Size: 4″x4″x12″ | Plant Size: ~ 10″

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Blueberries are delicious fruits, high in antioxidants & easy to grow! Here are some fun facts about some of the most popular Dave Wilson Nursery varieties we are offering in order of our recommendation, most popular listed first:

Sunshine Blue Southern Highbush Blueberry: Great flavored firm berries. Ripens May 10 through June 15 at Gainesville, Florida. Semi-dwarf evergreen bush with great fall color. Showy hot pink flowers fade to white in spring. Self-fruitful. The estimated chilling required is 150 hours. Very cold hardy as well.

O’Neal Southern Highbush Blueberry: Large fruit is especially sweet and flavorful. Early season. The soil must be acidic, and high in humus. 5-6 ft. bush. 200 hours. Self-fruitful, but plant two varieties for the largest crops. Low chill & tolerates heat.

NOTE: All sales final. All trees shipped in good condition & watered prior to shipment. Blueberries are deciduous plants that lose all their leaves each winter– most of our plants are currently changing to their fall colors and/ or dropping leaves. Late fall & winter is the best time of the year for purchasing your deciduous fruiting plants as they suffer minimal plant stresses from being shipped and rehomed to your backyard orchard, than at any other time of the year! Expect your plants to rebound with new growth by spring, shortly after your last chance of frost date passes your growing zone. Any questions, please contact us at or (800) 875-0339.

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