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6Macros Plus+ Fertilizer (Super Blend)


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IV Organic® 6Macros™ PLUS+ | SUPER BLEND FERTILIZER FORMULA · ALL The MacroNutrients Plants Need! · PLUS+ Beneficial Microbes & Mycorrhizae & Many MicroNutrients · N-P-K-Mg-S-Ca™ 13-12-13-1-3-3 · Feeds Soil + Nutritional Foliar Feed + Compost Tea Supplement · Makes Up To 20+ Gallons Of Liquid Fertilizer · For Organic Gardening

  • 11.8 oz Bag Makes Up To 20+ Gallons Of Liquid Fertilizer
  • 4 lbs Bag Makes Up To 120+ Gallons Of Liquid Fertilizer


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1 Pint, 1 Gallon, 23oz, 11.8oz, 4 lbs

1 review for 6Macros Plus+ Fertilizer (Super Blend)

  1. admin

    Phenomenal Product & A Must Have! Stacy
    This is an amazing product. I had to buy more so I can start off the spring season the right way. This fertilizer has all the macro and micro nutrients and beneficial fungus needed for healthy plants. Last summer I saw tremendous growth on the fig, blueberries, and roses that I used it on versus some I did not. They out performed the ones I used other organic fertilizers on. I would give this more stars if I could. I would recommend this product over others. You get what you pay for.

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