5th Annual FREE Fig Cutting Giveaway

Participation Rules

5th Annual FREE Fig Cutting Giveaway is February 1st to February 28th, 2022; or while supplies last.

Participate on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TreeGuardPaint and/or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/iv_organics/ and/or Twitter https://twitter.com/IV_Organics, or ALL, by FOLLOWING the page, LIKING the February 1st, 2022 post, & TAGGING at least 2 gardening friends or family; the more the better for your chances to win FREE cuttings, shipping costs also included USA only.

Every day in the month of February 2022, a winner will be randomly selected from one of the social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, OR Twitter). Increase your chances by participating on all three social media sites and/ or tagging more than 2 gardening friends. And, the sooner you participate the better!

FREE fig cutting(s) are also enclosed when you purchase IV Organic ALL PURPOSE Fertilizers at https://ivorganics.com/store. Unlike nearly all the other fertilizer brands that focus on offering plants only 3 MacroNutrients, IV Organic ALL-PURPOSE offers plants ALL the MacroNutrients plants need: N-P-K-Mg-S-Ca.  Be sure to also check out IV Organic 3-in-1 Plant Guard & WhiteWash products to help make 2022 your best growing season!  IV Organic brand products are innovative, organic, effective & USA-made; and we would love to hear your story by tagging us @IVOrganic #IVOrganic.  We may share your story! :-)

  1. Premium Blend 11.8 oz: 1 fig cutting
  2. Super Blend 11.8 oz: 2 fig cuttings
  3. Premium Blend 4 lbs: 2 fig cuttings
  4. Super Blend 4 lbs: 3 fig cuttings
  5. Trio Gift Box (Blue): 2 fig cuttings
  6. Trio Gift Box (Yellow): 3 fig cuttings
  7. All Purpose Foliar Feeding Nutritional Fertilizer — Tea Bags: 1 fig cutting
  8. * Before you checkout (credit card information page) you can request, under the ‘Order Notes’ your Top Three (3) preferred fig cutting varieties, starting with your BEST choices. We’ll do our best to fulfill your request. NO GUARANTEES.